Rilasciato KDE 3.5.4

Mer, 02/08/2006 - 15:14

Rilasciato KDE 3.5.4

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Rilasciata oggi 2 agosto la nuova versione di KDE: 3.5.4

Significant enhancements include:

Improved removable device support in Linux (users can now mount all devices supported by FreeDesktop's HAL and control how it will be done).
Speed optimisations in Konsole and Kate.
Multiple holidays can now start on the same date in KOrganizer.
Lots of fixes in Konqueror's HTML engine, KHTML.
The dialog for sending client-side SSL certificates is now more usable.
KNetworkConf now supports Fedora Core 5 and handles WEP keys better.

Over 10 new features were added and more than 100 bugs were fixed.

Ecco la lista dei cambiamenti: